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Spartak it is tireless in a pursuit of leaders

On Monday a match between capital commands the Dynamo and Spartak started 15 - j round of draw Russian the prime minister - leagues. The desire is red - white to return itself the in the lead position lost from last season and successful performance dinamovtsev after arrival to a command of Prokopenko - two facts which have involved on stadium tribunes in Petrovsky park of numerous fans.
a dynamo has exposed the fighting structure, on what the contender could not answer with the same card. At Spartaka in the field could not leave injured Sychev and Ananko, Parfyonov has just recovered from damage. Also has left a field of Tchujse which has received on feet in a meeting debut.
the first 20 and last 10 minutes of a match have appeared the most interesting in respect of creation of danger at gate of both commands, and already on the first minutes opponents have exchanged impressing enough attacks. Harlachev it was displaced from the left edge and has bitingly punched in near the nine . On a place there was Levitsky and has translated a ball on the angular. After giving by Koromanom angular, dangerously a head beat Djatel, but the goalkeeper and has managed to stop this time a ball on to a ribbon .
Spartak has answered with impressing spot-check on the left edge of Kebe which from an obverse line has sent a ball on a diagonal to the penal. The running Kudryashov has sent a ball, and it has passed literally in several centimetres from a bar. Then after draw of standard position at gate the Dynamo the ball has flown away to supervising a line penal to Baranovu. The ball after its gun blow has passed over the crossbeam.
the further actions of commands in the first time had item character more likely, rather than led to real threats. Certainly, the moments sometimes arose, but they did not bear that semantic loading which leads to the hammered balls. For example, Parfyonov connected to attack, has successfully made the way through a right-flank defensive boundary, but its diagonal has had in emptiness. In good position in the penal has accepted a ball of Sirs, however, blow at attacking has turned out not strong and it without effort took Levitsky. In the end of a time Beschastnyh could cause a stir, but after a magnificent discount Tsihmejstruka Vladimir has got into the defender.
on the second time of a command left in good mood - about it told also behaviour spartakovskoj couples, Titov and Parfyonov which have appeared in the field in obnimku. Actively held first twenty minutes of a meeting and the Moscow heat, obviously, have not restored game potential of football players for 15 minutes of a break. Players all were accelerated and tried to decide destiny of a match at the expense of adventurous individual passes less often. Especially in it have succeeded Koroman and Rams, but if campaigns of Koromana came to an end with banal joints with the defender and ball losses Vasily simply could not give an exact pass.
in the middle of second half of game there was a chance to hammer at Panova. The distant pass of Koromana has found a breast of the Petersburger at the corner vratarsky zones, but Alexander is plain has punched in the near corner covered with Levitsky and has missed possibility. With the similar moment have answered and spartakovtsy, only on a position of Panova there was Kebe who has found similar blow in Berezovsky`s near corner.
in such obojudoneostroj to struggle contenders also have finished to 81 - j minutes when on the line of the penal area, pursuing only to itself the known aims, Chesnauskis has brought down leaving from dinamovskih a collar of Kebe. The Senegalese, loudly having screamed, has swept on a lawn and remained to lie. The main arbitrator of a meeting of Shavejko has shown on odinnadtsatimetrovuju a mark, for what has received sideways from dissatisfied Tochilina. Beschastnyh confidently realised a penalty on 82 - j to minute - 1:0.
the Remained minutes it is white - blue have spent on half of field spartakovtsev, trying to even up scores at least. Tactics of both commands has got characteristic colouring, - owners bombarded penal Levitsky, and defenders and halfbacks tried to take out a ball for the central line.
Poveselila at last spectators a judicial brigade. Koroman, having made the next pass on the centre, has strongly punched on collars, but has got in zazevavshegosja Panova. The lateral judge has considered that the attacking took direct part in attack development and has fixed position off side . In reply to this Koroman something has cried out aside lajnsmena, having accompanied words corresponding gesture. Already after a while, when where - that in the centre game has been stopped, the lateral judge has called up the main thing and something has whispered it. SHavejko a gallant gait has gone to Koromanu and has solemnly shown Mustard plaster .
the Victory Spartaka over dinamovtsami has once again approached wards of Romantseva to pair leaders of standings, but on the lost points it is red - white still decently lag behind CSKA and Loko . the Dynamo has once again shown decent enough football and, despite defeat, has shown that in forces to combat for high places of the championship.

Victor Samokhin, the trainer Spartaka :
Game was strained, is tournament position of both commands has affected. So, it is possible to tell that struggle followed six points. If has won the Dynamo they would catch up with us, and so we have left in a small separation. As to the appointed penalty, I consider that the judge has accepted the right decision. There there was no error of the judge, and the defender who has brought down Kebe was mistaken.
Victor Prokopenko, the head coach the Dynamo :
Though weather conditions were identical to both commands, Spartak possessing players of such class, it has appeared more strongly in some single combats. I do not want to tell that spartakovtsy all 90 minutes dominated in the field, - as a matter of fact game was neutral. About a penalty tell I can nothing - I did not look through videorecording. And I here not to estimate action of the arbitrator. The protest we do not intend to submit, because it will give nothing.
a dynamo - Spartak 0:1
the Goal: Beschastnyh, 82, from a penalty
Preventions: Tochilin, Koroman - Rams, Mitreski, Beschastnyh, Parfyonov, Danishevsky
on July, 15th. Moscow. Stadium the Dynamo
the Dynamo: Berezovsky, Kovalenko, Tochilin, Brabets, Hiski, Djatel (Grishin, 74), Sirs, Chesnauskis, Bulykin (Hazov, 62), Harlachev (Hornjak, 70), Koroman
Spartak: Levitsky, Mojzes, Mitreski, Kebe, Tchujse (Sagittariuses, 4), Rams, Parfyonov, Kudryashov (Kalinichenko, 90), Titov, Tsihmejstruk (Danishevsky, 70), Beschastnyh
the Judicial brigade: SHavejko, Enjutin, Kalugin

1. 15 10 4 1 22 - 6 34
2. 13 9 2 2 25 - 11 29
3. 15 9 2 4 27 - 20 29
4. Wings of Sovetov14 7 3 4 19 - 15 24
5. 15 7 1 7 18 - 14 22
6. 14 6 4 4 18 - 17 22
7. 14 6 3 5 23 - 19 21
8. 13 6 3 4 18 - 15 21
9. 14 6 3 5 13 - 13 21
10. 14 3 7 4 17 - 17 16
11. ?ONn14 3 4 7 16 - 17 13
12. A Torpedo - cei14 3 4 7 10 - 22 13
13. 14 2 7 5 10 - 23 13
14. 13 3 3 7 13 - 23 12
15. 14 3 2 9 19 - 22 11
16. 14 1 4 9 6 - 16 7
9 - Kerzhakov ( Zenith ), Sychev ( Spartak )
8 - Beschastnyh ( Spartak )
7 - Tsiklauri ( an Uralan ),
6 - Semshov ( a Torpedo ), Poshkus ( Krylja Sovetov ), Kirichenko (CSKA), Gusev (CSKA), Bazaev ( Alanija )
5 - Pimenov ( the Locomotive ), the Woman to Adam ( the Locomotive a Rostselmash )