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CHervichenko has offered to Zenith 4 million dollars for Kerzhakova

the President Moscow Spartaka Andrey Chervichenko, as well as promised, now spends the Internet - conferences at a forum of an official site Spartaka . This time Andrey Vladimirovich has told to fans how wanted to get Alexander Kerzhakova.
it is natural that fans the question, whom else " first of all interested; Spartak intends to get in dozajavochnuju campaign. Mister Chervichenko preferred not to answer such questions, but nevertheless has mentioned how offered the president Zenith Mutko 4 million dollars (!) For the attacking Alexander Kerzhakova. However according to Andrey Vladimirovicha its colleague has refused to carry on negotiations.
also Chervichenko has denied hearings about a possible exchange Danishevsky on Arshavina.
the president " Also has mentioned; Spartaka and about building of new base of club. As it was found out, it will be conducted around the New Riga highway and will begin approximately in the middle of 2004. Till this time the project will be co-ordinated and to prepare the documentation, and also the tender between the building companies will be held. As to the project of base advertised in due time in Golitsyno it as a result has been rejected from - for considerable removals from Moscow.
not absolutely clear there was only a question with Senegalese defender Kebe. Head coach Tchernyshov said earlier that this football player is not necessary to it, and Chervichenko declared that Ibra is exposed on a transfer together with Of humble origin and Flo. However already today the newspaper Sports - the Express train Has informed on that with Kebe the new agreement on one and a half year is signed.