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CSKA were proved to the champion, by whom in the house the owner

On Tuesday at stadium the Locomotive the transferred match 24 - go round in which the champion of the country accepted the leader of superiority - CSKA has taken place.
the favourite before this match was considered as CSKA. Soldiers though have lost four points in two matches against Petersburg Zenith looked nevertheless physically more strongly Yury Semin`s wards. Besides, in structure the Locomotive Vadim Yevseyev could not play. Well and left for the first time in the field of Ashvetija and Crests are not yet in the best form.
already on 4 - j to minute of game the Czech legionary of CSKA of Irzhi Jaroshik very dangerously beat a head after giving penal, but Ovchinnikov has managed to parry a ball. At dobivanii the arbitrator has considered that someone from soldiers has broken rules.
as a whole the first minutes of a match have passed with advantage of soldiers which supervised a ball more and surpassed the contenders in power and speed. The unique chance to create something dangerous at gate of young Akinfeeva has appeared at Loko after Crests has given a good pass of Ashvetija between two defenders, but the goalkeeper of CSKA the first was in time to a ball.
on 19 - j to minute of Crests has broken rules on Jaroshike in immediate proximity from the penal. Rolan Gusev has punched on collars, Ovchinnikov hardly parried a ball, but the first on dobivanie Yanovsky who has sent a football shell in gate - 0 - 1 was in time.
After that CSKA has played even faster and in 5 minutes has doubled advantage in the account. Priests it has appeared in penal before Pashininym and Nizhegorodovym. Attempt prokinut a ball through Pashinina is not has gone right, but the ball has flown away to Denis. During this moment Nizhegorodov has lost a position, and Priests has punched in the formed gap in a far corner. Ovchinnikov was not in forces to rescue the Locomotive - 0 - 2.
In second half first a time game has a little calmed down. Two favourable moments were not realised nevertheless by soldiers. At first Gusev has rushed on the left flank in penal, but has not got to a goal mouth, and then Ovchinnikov struck away blow of Popova in a lower corner.
in the beginning of the second time of CSKA has tried to hold a ball more often. the locomotive could not intercept the initiative in any way and create danger at gate of Akinfeeva. Distant blows of Hohlova and Maminova of the purpose did not reach. And here soldiers have finished the account to the devastating. Priests has entered in penal and has tried prokinut a ball to the right by spread on the earth Sennikova. The ball whether has found a hand of the defender the Locomotive whether Dmitry has intentionally broken rules. Usually in such cases arbitrators appoint a penalty, and this match did not become an exception. Gusev has approached to a ball and has accurately punched in the top corner - 3 - 0.
It seemed that after that game has lost any meaning. And even the goal of Ashvetija on 73 - j from very acute angle seemed to minute a unique gift to a command - to the mistress. However the last 5 - 6 minutes of game have shown all weaknesses of an army team. CSKA was so run first 60 minutes that in the end is simple - naprosto has stopped. Defenders the Locomotive have clamped players of an army team who simply did not have forces to take away a ball at contenders and at least to reach the central circle. Gazzayev`s tactical plan was hardly that. After all realise the Locomotive at least two moments from five (in last 5 minutes), and the account quite could be made even. However Izmaylov, Loskov and Crests or did not get to gate, or Akinfeev who has made pair excellent " perfectly played; sejvov .
And still CSKA has not passed (Ashvetija) has caused a stir and as a result has won with account 3 - 1. The major victory which has allowed soldiers to come nearer on a step to a champion`s title.
the Press - conference
Valery Gazzayev, the head coach of CSKA
Today we have won very important match similar to the present battle. If we do not win this championship to blame except ourselves there will be nobody. All in our hands. In addition, a match with the Locomotive we considered as dress rehearsal before League of champions. I consider that it has gone right to us. Though today it was difficult to name ideal our game. Would not tell that it was our best match in a season. Last minutes ten our defenders have got a bit tired and, probably, have decided to allow to prove to Akinfeevu at whom before works was very little. Certainly, it was heavy to be reconstructed to us after yesterday on training the serious trauma was received by Semak who has left exactly for month.
Vladimir Eshtrekov, the trainer the Locomotive
the Main our problem are traumas of leading players - Yevseyev, Ignashevicha and Lekheto. From - for it we did not manage to show that game which was planned. Concerning game of beginners, I can tell, as Crests, and Ashvetija should strengthen our command. Though while the first does not have not enough physical standards.
the locomotive - CSKA 1:3
Goals: Ashvetija 75 - Yanovsky 19, Priests 24, Gusev 63, a penalty
Preventions: S. V.Ovchinnikov 65, Pashinin 85 - Jaroshik 67, Solomatin 78
on July, 15th. Moscow. Stadium the Locomotive
the Locomotive: S.I.Ovchinnikov, Pashinin, Sennikov, Nizhegorodov, Loskov, Crests, Ouzels, Izmaylov, Maminov, Buznikin (S. V.Ovchinnikov 61), Ashvetija (Sirhaev 77)
CSKA: Akinfeev, Shemberas, Evsikov (Solomatin 55), V.Berezutsky, Shershun, A.Berezutsky, Jaroshik, Rahimich, Yanovsky (Lajzans 72), Gusev, Priests (Kirichenko 84)
the Judge V.Ivanov (Moscow)