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Defenders played - the others suffered

It seems that for the first time in native walls Saturn have deprived of a starting impact. SHinnik has blocked all possible points, last pass of owners whence could follow.
the sheaf of the central defenders of Shtanjuk - Lagevka perfectly looking in item struggle and riding single combats has especially impressed. Flanks have blocked Starostjak and Spahich.

As those dangerous moments was a little. But the match cheerfully enough began. Onopko it has tried to be put on a ball to a descent, being metres in 23 - h from gate - blow has turned out such force that has flown through stadium.

the chance to hammer was presented ramenchanam soon after a crazy rebound in penal jaroslavtsev. Jean has appeared the first on a ball, but Shtanjuk has put in time a foot, having liquidated threat of execution of gate from a lethal position. After a while owners frankly have not followed counterattack of visitors. Ruby and Shirko left on one Leshnjaka. The player of modular Latvia has waited the moment for solving transfer on the forward, however the Serbian defender Saturn has broken a combination at the expense of an accurate choice of a position.

the second time has quickened thanks to transition of owners to the extremely attacking scheme of game. Even more often in attack it was possible to see Jean`s Brazilian defenders and that happens only in special situations, Zhedera. After Shirko has not bad hung from an angular tag, the Ruby had possibility to hammer in a ball a head, being on the brink vratarskoj. One of defenders ramenchan However has accurately played, having prevented the Latvian to strike aim blow. However unique goal possibility was gave to Boris Ignatyev`s command after a random error of Shtanjuka. The Byelorussian could not process a ball and Bazhenov left in private with goalkeeper Malyshevym. SHtanjuk was has dared at a foul of last hope, but whether the hand pulled behind a shoulder of Bazhenov, has trembled, whether the forward has been already unattainable, the episode has ended with frankly ugly blow by Bazhenov`s candle by gate.

soon after Bazaev superlethal blow from edge the penal has forced Malysheva to carry out the hardest sejv, and an instant later from other position vystrelival already Onopko. The goalkeeper SHinnika remained it is faultless.

could win and visitors when Karpenko remained practically in private with Kinski. Has saved situation Trinitatsky, in time having destroyed plans of the attacking.

Oleg Dolmatov, the head coach SHinnika

the First 15 - 20 minutes at all were not pleasant to me. However throughout the match rest of the time my children with installation consulted. The quantity of scoring chances was equal so as a whole I am satisfied by game.

Boris Ignatyev, the head coach Saturn

We had territorial advantage, however in attack again have played extremely inexpressively. Bystrov today played pricks, Ginjasu had quinsy, and Pavlovich was restored recently after a trauma and yet has not typed the due form. However it not the justification.

Saturn - Shinnik 0 - 0

Preventions: Bazaev, 67 - Hazov, 10, Starostjak, 23

on July, 14th. Ramensky. Stadium Saturn


Saturn: Kinski, Leshnjak, Ginjasu, Bystrov (Trinitatsky, 52), Medvedev (Pavlovich, 64), Jean, Zheder, Bazaev, Dias, Bazhenov, Onopko

Shinnik :a?U?No Malyshev, Kulchy, the Ruby (Lutsenko, 64), Shtanjuk, Dubinsky, Hazov (Karpenko, 55), Starostjak, Spahich, Lagevka, Grishin, Shirko

the Judge: Veselovsky (Moscow)