Rus News Journal

Insurgents have arranged slaughter in mission of the United Nations in the north of Afghanistan

Insurgents have attacked United Nations building in the city of Mazari - Sharif in the north of Afghanistan. Such information contains in the communique of mission of the United Nations in this country.
as a result of an attack 12 diplomats are killed, bodies of a two have been decapitated. Among victims there are citizens of Norway, Romania, Nepal and Sweden, their persons are established.
in embassy of the Russian Federation in Kabul have informed that among wounded men there is a citizen of Russia P.Ershov working in mission of the United Nations in Afghanistan. Now it is in hospital. The Russian diplomats have left on a scene for rendering to it the help.
as transfers the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Koran burning by the American pastor though no any relation to these islamofobskim to appeals of the United Nations has became an occasion to an attack on United Nations building.
Yours faithfully concerning religious feelings of Moslems, we consider absolutely inadmissible an attack on United Nations representation in Mazari - Sharif, murders and drawing of wounds to employees of the United Nations - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia is told in the message.
resolutely we condemn these crimes. Call law enforcement bodies of Afghanistan and the international forces of assistance of safety to take all necessary measures for suppression of violence concerning the United Nations and its workers who are in Afghanistan for rendering assistance to this country and its people - it is underlined in the department statement.