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In Miami the unknown person has shot a funeral procession

the Funeral procession in the USA has ended with a bloody slaughter-house. The unknown person has opened shooting on the people who have come on funeral in suburb Miami. As a result of an attack one of the present has died on the spot, the second - in an ambulance car, 12 more person have got wounds of various severity level, informs Associated Press.
witnesses of a crime inform that the attack has occurred, when come to pay a memory tribute died - to certain Marvinu Andre - have started to leave a ceremonial hall.
as soon as on a structure porch where they left, the dense crowd has started to gather, the malefactor has opened fire. it was so as if we have got to a zone of operations - one of eyewitnesses has described an attack.
in police have informed that have no the information on circumstances of death of M.Andre and on the one who could be interested in attacks. Besides, having referred to office secret, to representatives of mass-media have not informed on a course of search of the murderer.
on shooting in the American public places it is regularly informed approximately with 1995. The right to own fire-arms is fixed in the Constitution of the USA. Every year in America is on sale to 5 million units of fire-arms.