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On Sakhalin has torn off an ice floe with 400 fishermen

In the Sakhalin region has torn off from pripaja (motionless ice) the ice floe with fishermen, is informed by a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation on region. The information on state of emergency has arrived to rescuers from eyewitnesses of incident.
the message on incident in Dolinsky area of area around village the Beach has arrived in the Ministry of Emergency Measures today nearby 12:00 local time (5:00 Moscow time). According to preliminary data, on an ice floe is to 400 persons, it has departed from pripaja on 500 - 600 m.
In the Ministry of Emergency Measures the emergency response centre is created, on a scene the operative group is directed, employees poiskovo - saving group, police and volunteer assistants have left. In total 22 persons and 8 units of technics are involved in rescue. From airport Homutovo the helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Measures prepares for a departure.
the similar case has occurred in Leningrad region on March, 24th. 111 fishermen - ljubitelj have appeared cut off from coast on an ice floe in water area of gulf of Finland. Within several hours operation has been finished, it was possible to deliver all fishermen to coast. In the Ministry of Emergency Measures have underlined that now an exit on ice and furthermore departure nea motor transport on the frozen rivers and the seas, is extremely dangerous.