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Anticapitalists have arranged pogroms in Frankfurt, there are victims

In Frankfurt the March against capitalism has poured out in collisions with police. Pogroms in the city centre, begun on Saturday, proceeded till April, 1st inclusive, transfers Reuters referring to representatives of city police.
collisions have begun after policemen have tried to detain some demonstrators. As a result of skirmish with police have outgrown in mass pogroms. Demonstrators have soiled a paint a building of the European central bank and smashed police cars.
as a result of collisions the considerable number of people was got by wounds, among them - 15 policemen, 465 demonstrators have been detained.
the representative of organizers of the action - movements M31 - has informed journalists that the group does not bear responsibility for disorders as they have begun after the march co-ordinated with police. By estimations of organizers, instigators of disorders became nearby 200 persons who broken away from 6 thousand of demonstrators and have gone to city centre.