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Manila is declared on a state of siege

the President of Philippines Gloria Arrojo declared country Manila capital on a state of siege after demonstrations in support of the arrested person eks - the president of the country Joseph Estrady have outgrown in the present fights with police.
the day before at night some times the many thousands crowd of supporters of the former president tried to take storm a presidential palace in attempt to finish with the present head of the country Gloria Arrojo. The strengthened groups of military men and police, using automatic machines and armour, repeatedly rejected armed with cudgels and stones crowd from residence gate.
four persons - two from attacking and two policemen as a result were lost. Wounds have received nearby 140 persons. The authorities of Philippines managed to restore an order. Fighters of a safety force have been compelled to apply against demonstrators vodomety and tear gas, and at times and the weapon.
In short performance on television president Arrojro has declared that demonstrations have been organised by the political groups achieving its overthrow. The Philippine authorities have given the warrant of arrest of several leading leaders of opposition, including two senators and the former police chief of the country.
in turn, eks - president Joseph Estrada who is now in prison in connection with charges in corruption, has urged the supporters to keep calmness. Simultaneously former leader of the country has declared that considers everything acting in its protection, not as hooligans and rebels, and supporters of observance of the constitutional norms on Philippines.
I call people for patience in the face of the crisis situation created now in our country - it is told in the statement of the Platform extended by the Philippine mass-media. At the same time the former head of the state has declared that fault for Blood of victims this night during storm of a presidential palace completely lies on the present country leaders, and struggle only begins .
earlier former president of Philippines in order to avoid excesses has been translated from capital prison in especially protected prison institution in small town Santa - a Rose, located in 60 km to the south from Manila. It has been declared that the court over Joseph Estradoj will take place on June, 27th, instead of on May, 3rd as it was promised earlier as it is required to accusers to more time for thorough training to process. We will remind, eks - the president is threatened with the death penalty or, at least, a life imprisonment.