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Earthquake in Turkey: tens victims, 200 persons under blockages

As a result of the earthquake which have occurred today on jugo - the east of Turkey, were lost not less than 37 persons and 200 are wounded. This earthquake by force 6,4 points under the Richter scale has been fixed at 3:27 local time nearby to the city of Bingel.
In this city the building of a school boarding school has failed - under blockages still there are 200 children. As transfers AP, 50 schoolboys managed to be rescued.
as a result of earthquake in Bingele 25 buildings and the bridge are destroyed, at least. The mayor has informed that the number of victims will be established as rescuers will assort blockages.
the city of Simenli has most strongly suffered. According to eyewitnesses, in a city almost all buildings are destroyed. Tremors also were felt in provinces Erzincan, Tuntseli, Erzurum, Kajzeri and Sivas.
it is necessary to notice that the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has sent the telegramme of the condolence of premieres - to the minister of Turkey to Redzhepu Erdoganu, has informed a press - service of the Russian leader. In the telegramme V.Putin has presented sincere condolences in connection with the earthquake which has entailed numerous human victim.
at the same time, under the statement of the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of Alexander Jakovenko, among suffered from earthquake is not present the Russian citizens. The department of the information and the press the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has confirmed this information: Our embassy supports constant contacts to the Turkish authorities on the questions connected with earthquake, and under the information received from embassy of Russia in Ankara, the Russian citizens as a result of earthquake in the east of Turkey have not suffered .