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Head of the Sicilian mafia D.Badalamenti

authoritative Italian Mafiosi Dzhetano Badalamenti has died has died today in prison in the USA.
as informs Reuters, 80 - the summer Italian leaving 45 - summer term in federal prison of Massachusetts for drug traffic, has died as a result of heart attack.
J. Badalamenti in 1970 - e was one of key figures world famous Cosa nostra . Carrying a nickname Don Tano J. Badalamenti was the right hand not less known Charles Varnishes Luchiano.
In 1979., pursued by a competing clan Toto Don Tano has been compelled to run to Brazil, and then to Spain. Later it has appeared again in the USA where has organised so-called swindle with pizzas thanks to which to the USA from Sicily it has been brought heroin for the sum more than in 1 mlrd dollars
It was the leader of the largest criminal organisation, when - or operating on territory of the USA. Till now FBI is not assured that all accounts of the Mafiosi in banks of Switzerland have been blocked.
in 1987. He has been arrested by the American police and sentenced to 45 years of prison.