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In Riga Russian again left on streets

In Riga about 20 thousand persons protest against transfer of Russian schools into the Latvian language of training. Demonstrators hope that the management of the European Union will pay attention to their performance because Latvia is from now on the full member of EU.
in the action participate both schoolboys, and people of advanced age. The protest action passes under supervision of the authorities.
we will remind that since September, 1st 2004. According to formation reform in the country in the tenth classes of schools teaching of 60 % of subjects will be is spent in the Latvian language.
at the same time the chairman of EuroParliament Coke has declared the Stalemate on a press - conferences on a case of expansion of the European Union in Dublin that the European Union authorities will promote simplification of procedures of reception of citizenship of Latvia for representatives of the Russian-speaking population.
it is necessary to notice that it is impossible to name relations of the Russian Federation and Latvia normal. The State Duma of the Russian Federation periodically acts with protests against oppression of Russian-speaking citizens in Latvia, paying attention of EU to this regrettable fact. However the situation continues to worsen. On April, 23rd Latvia has sent the Russian diplomat. Russia was not in debt, and already home the first secretary of embassy of Latvia, declared by the persona non grata on April, 29th began to gather.