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There was one more organizer of Cairo acts of terrorism

One more terrorist grouping - Mojaheds of Egypt - has incurred responsibility for the acts of terrorism made the day before in the Egyptian capital. The corresponding message has been published on one of Islamic the Internet - sites, transfers Reuters.
Earlier the responsibility for acts of terrorism was declared by other grouping - Brigades of Abdally Azzama .
Besides, the Egyptian police has informed on detention of two citizens of Egypt suspected of participation in the organisation of acts of terrorism. Arrested persons - Ashraf Said Jussef and Gamal Ahmed Abdel - Aal.
we Will remind, the day before in the centre of Cairo the suicide bomber has blown up itself, having jumped off from the bridge. Some hours later two ekstremistki have fired at the bus with tourists. As a result of acts of terrorism various wounds have received not less than 9 persons.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt, ekstremistki, fired the bus, and the suicide bomber have been connected with each other, transfers Europa Press. At the bus have fired Nadzhat Yasin - the sister of suicide bomber Ihaba Yasin, and Ajman Hamis who was considered as the bride of the terrorist.
we will remind, power services of Egypt managed to destroy one of the terrorists, the second has committed suicide.