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In China the new case of a bird flu

In China is revealed the next case of disease of birds by a bird flu shtamma H5N1 is revealed. As representatives of the Chinese authorities have informed, the conducted researches have revealed presence of a virus dangerous to the person in blood of the wild goose who has been found out in a province Tsinghai.
now in area where the infected bird has been found out, are spent protivoepidemicheskie actions, transfers Sinhua .
Last case of disease of the person in China has been registered on April, 28th of this year Ministry of Health of the Peoples Republic of China has confirmed that 8 - the summer girl is infected shtammom H5N1 a bird flu virus. It has been delivered with disease symptoms - high temperature and the complicated breath - in hospital of Sujnin of a province Sichuan. Under statements of Chinese Ministry of Health, the girl had contacts to the infected birds.
Total number ill with a bird flu in China has made not less than 18 persons, 12 from them have died. Not so long ago in a number of the American mass-media there were messages that the Chinese authorities do not bring to the notice of the central country leaders the data about chances of disease of people a bird flu. However official Beijing has denied these messages.