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Islamic insurgents have attacked village in India

In the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir as a result of an attack of Islamic insurgents 22 persons five were lost also have got wounds.
as representatives of the Indian police have informed, incident has occurred in located in 170 km severo - to the east of Jammu to village Thava. The group of insurgents has got into village then extremists have deduced local Hindus from houses and have killed them.
several hours before in 100 km to the north of Jammu the police has found out bodies of four of nine people grasped by Islamites on April, 29th. The destiny of five more hostages remains to the unknown person, transfers () Associated Press.
in Jammu and Kashmir operate more than ten insurgent groupings struggling for independence of staff from India or its joining to the next Pakistan. With 1989. Victims of the conflict became more than 66 thousand persons.
we will remind, the conflict beginning between India and Pakistan is necessary for 1947 When Britain has given India independence. As a conflict basis that the national Muslim diaspora of India has refused a regional autonomy has served and has wished to separate, therefore the new state - Pakistan was formed.
at once after section of India on two states collisions between Hindus, Moslems and sikhami have begun. These countries have endured three military conflicts - in 1947 - 1949, in 1965, 1971 - 1972 in which result was lost not less 60 thousand persons. In due time India concluded the union with China and the USSR, and Pakistan supported the USA.
the last half a century conditions in Kashmir balance on the verge of the beginning of operations. 6 years ago India and Pakistan have conducted the first nuclear tests. Since then these countries yet time appeared on a threshold of the military conflict fraught with the most serious consequences. The Whole world with the big alarm watched, in what will result the next strain of relations between Delhi and Islamabad. At the moment in Kashmir region are about one million Indian and Pakistan military men.