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In Ingushetia the stolen father-in-law M.Zjazikova

is released Today the father-in-law of the president of Ingushetia stolen more 2 months ago is found and released by Murata Zjazikova, informs Echo Moscow . Conditions of thieves have not been executed.
special action on clearing of Magomeda Chahkieva has been spent today early in the morning and has come to the end with success. There are also first arrested persons on suspicion in abduction. The elderly father-in-law of the president of republic has received necessary medical aid and now its state of health estimate as satisfactory. He even intends to return in the near future to the work in parliament.
M.Chahkieva have stolen in Nazran on February, 27th. Unknown persons have blocked and have fired at its office car, have wounded the driver, have violently planted the deputy in white the Zhiguli also have taken away.
later on one of separative sites there was a message that in business is involved so-called Ingush dzhamaat Sheriyat Also that insurgents lay down a condition: resignation of the president and the public prosecutor of Ingushetia. But in law enforcement bodies of Ingushetia have called in question even the fact of existence of such grouping.
upon abduction of Chahkieva criminal case under three articles is brought: kidnapping, deliberate causing of average weight of harm to health and fire-arms illegal circulation.