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In China from - for storm rains 12 persons

In the Chinese province of Shandun were lost from - for storm rains and hailstones 12 persons were lost. 58 more were traumatised. The hailstones and a downpour were accompanied by a strong gusty wind. The elements main blow has had on five cities of a province: Hedze, Tszaochzhuan, Linjuj, Jining and Ljaochen.
According to statements of local authorities, more than 2,18 million persons have suffered from elements. The hailstones and a downpour have destroyed 3,2 thousand apartment houses and have caused a damage of 155 thousand in hectare of agricultural territories. According to the experts, the damage from elements is estimated in 271 million dollars, transfers Sinhua .
Storm rains in China proceed already more than two weeks. For all this time 50 persons became victims of elements nearby. So, in the middle of April as a result of the storm rains which have fallen upon east and central areas of China, and the flooding caused by them for a week was lost 21 persons, thousand people remained without a roof over the head.
In a province Hubei as a result of elements revelry 11 persons were lost, 37 thousand persons have been compelled to leave the houses; thousand constructions have been destroyed.
Europe has strongly suffered from spring storm rains also. On jugo - the east of continent more than hundred years were not such scale flooding, as this year. In the power of elements there were Southern Balkans.
the water level inevitably grows in the south of Romania and on opposite coast of Danube, in Bulgaria. There already almost one month ago state of emergency is entered. Firemen are involved in building of sandy obstacles, military, and also hundreds local residents.
at this time in Romania to reduce a water impact in lower reaches of Danube, the authorities have been compelled to flood a part of agricultural grounds. In many settlements to move on streets it is possible only by boats. From a flooding zone are evacuated about 15 thousand persons.
and in Czechia already count up losses. The country parliament has decided to allocate with the victim of 220 million dollars. However, under preliminary forecasts, the amount of damage will exceed one billion.
as a result of an exit from coast of Danube and its inflows eight countries have suffered.