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In Afghanistan 15 insurgents

In the south of Afghanistan are destroyed 15 insurgents are destroyed. On it has informed the American command.
firing has occurred in a southern Afghani province Helmand. The patrol of military men of a coalition, has opened fire on group of the armed insurgents. Losses from coalition armies are not present, transfers () Associated Press. Any details are not informed.
we will remind that yesterday in Afghanistan as a result of blasting on a land mine were lost three Afghani military men. As representatives of armed forces of the country have informed, the army truck was undermined on a mine in a southern province Helmand.
to Troy the soldier of the Afghani army has died on the spot, and three more have got wounds, transfers () Associated Press. Local authorities believe that behind the given action there are insurgents of movement the Taliban .
we Will remind also that yesterday insurgents the Taliban the Indian engineer has been killed stolen by them this week. In the statement of Talibs extended today it is noticed that the hostage tried to run and even has attacked the thieves. As a result it has been shot.
it is necessary to notice that insurgents talibanskogo movements considerably became more active recently. It is literally some days ago them the attack on representation of the American building company in Afghanistan has been made. Incident has occurred near to Kandahar. As a result of firing one security guard was lost, two more have got wounds. Besides it, Talibs have destroyed 14 cars parked near to office of the company.
on April, 16th the group of Talibs has made armed attack on two police kontrolno - check point in the south of Afghanistan. During firing the Afghani military men have destroyed 14 insurgents of movement. Incident also has occurred in a province of Zabul.
Most likely, Talibs with an advancing have started to fulfil the promises. We will remind that in the end of March of this year In Kandahar and Islamabad the statement written presumably by the leader of movement by the mullah by the Lobster in which, in particular, it is informed has been sent correspondents of Associated Press agency that Afghanistan will be shaken in the near future by new acts of terrorism.
in the two-page electronic letter it is said that objects of attacks should become military, both foreign, and Afghani. The mullah the Lobster asserts that a considerable quantity young Afghans has already expressed readiness to become condemned men.
as he said, they come in training camp and ask to bring their names in lists. this year with the beginning of summer the Afghani earth becomes red for crusaders and their puppets, and invaders will face an unprecedented wave of the Afghani resistance - it is told in the message sustained in traditional rhetoric of Islamites - extremists.