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In Egypt has turned over and has burnt down the bus with tourists from the Russian Federation

In Egypt has turned over and has burnt down the bus with tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Canada and Italy, local representatives of life-saving services have informed today. As a result of incident as transfers telekana to Conduct - 24 11 persons were lost, have suffered 28. It was initially informed about 7 victims and 16 wounded men.
among victims of 16 Russian citizens who have got traumas of various severity level, gives department of the information and the press the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
as a result of failure following Russian citizens have suffered: Bajurina Belief (27 years), Belash Darina (27 years), Bogomolova Diana, Grishin Marina (48 years), Kiljakova Marina (48 years), Kirichenko Natalia (26 years), Kolesnikov Sergey, Libsky Marina (34 years), Libsky Natalia (21 year), Redkina Elena, Rodcherka Marina, Romanov Elena (27 years), Sikaev Anton, Suhova Elena, Suhova Tatyana, Kharlamov Svetlana.
As have informed in the Russian foreign policy department, in the morning on May, 1st on highway Charm ash - the Sheikh - Cairo, around settlement Abu Zenima (it is located in 160 km from Charm ash - the Sheikh) there was a serious failure to the bus transporting group of tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Canada and of some other countries. The bus at great speed, without having entered in turn, has turned over, in salon the fire therefore 8 passengers and the driver were lost has flashed.
under the data received currently, as a result of failure 16 Russian citizens who have got traumas of various severity level have suffered. The part of the tourists who have received easy bruises and traumas, after medical aid rendering, has been written out from hospitals. 8 Russian tourists have been delivered in the international hospital Charm ash - the Sheikh, and 4 - in hospital Suez.
in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation have noticed that the list of the suffered Russians has preliminary character, since From - for absence of documents (have burnt down at failure) surnames and names have been written down in hospitals in the Arabian language and need specification. Complexities with identification of persons of victims are aggravated also with that circumstance that on excursion on this route which has been organised by the private company Azur the tourists living in different hotels have registered.
now in embassy of Russia in Egypt the staff on rendering assistance to the Russian citizens is created, employees of consular department of embassy continue to specify surnames of the Russian tourists and render the necessary help to victims. The reference is directed to authorities of Egypt with the request for rendering of assistance in investigation of circumstances of incident and liquidation of its consequences. Finding-out of details of incident proceeds.
Earlier arrived infrmatsija that among postradavshh besides Russians of four Englishmen, two Canadians, two Italians, the two Romanian, one Ukrainian and three Egyptians. It is known that many victims have got serious burns. Now they are in hospital, but about their state of health while it is not known.