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The CART was declared 331 case of disease by virus H1N1 in the world

by World Health Organization (CART) officially has declared 331 case of disease mutirovavshim a virus of a flu which in the official nomenclature is called A (H1N1), in the world, informs Associated Press.
diseases are fixed in 11 countries, from them in Mexico - 156 diseases and nine deadly outcomes, the USA - 109 diseases and one deadly outcome, Canada - 34 diseases, Spain - 13, Great Britain - eight, Germany - four, New Zealand - three, Israel - two, Austria, Holland and Switzerland - on one.
the CART has refused the former name a pork flu as it misleads: according to scientists, the use in pork food cannot become a cause of illness virus H1N1, the virus - a mutant is transferred air - a drop way. Earlier the CART was raised by degree of threat of a pandemic of the given virus of a flu from the fourth to the fifth level (on a scale from six degrees).
Earlier representatives of scientific circles of the USA declared that scientists hope to allocate a necessary component for a vaccine against a virus already to the beginning of May 2009. However even if it will be possible, will pass months before it will be possible to test means for volunteers.