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Two more countries declared infection of inhabitants with a dangerous virus

the List of the countries in which there are infected with a flu And (H1N1) inhabitants, has replenished with China and Denmark.
the diseased in China is the Mexican who has arrived to Hong Kong more recently. Symptoms of disease at it were showed already in Hong Kong. It is the first case of infection of the person virus H1N1 in Asia, transfers Associated Press.
Besides, the authorities of Denmark have declared the first fixed case of disease by a flu And (H1N1). Details of infection and the person of the patient do not reveal, however is informed that the person has received a virus, being abroad.
before disease by a virus have been fixed in 11 countries, from them in Mexico - 156 diseases and nine deadly outcomes, the USA - 109 diseases and one deadly outcome, Canada - 34 diseases, Spain - 13, Great Britain - eight, Germany - four, New Zealand - three, Israel - two, Austria, Holland and Switzerland - on one.
the World Health Organization (CART) has refused the former name a pork flu as it misleads: according to scientists, the use in pork food cannot become a cause of illness virus H1N1, the virus - a mutant is transferred air - a drop way. Earlier the CART was raised by degree of threat of a pandemic of the given virus of a flu from the fourth to the fifth level (on a scale from six degrees).