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BP it is necessary to be responsible for oil in Gulf of Mexico

the Government of the USA intend to call company BP to account for oil flood in Gulf of Mexico. On it has informed the minister of national safety of the USA of Janet Napolitano on a press - conferences in the New anatto tree.
in turn, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the USA Ken Salazar has noticed that guilty of incident will be made answerable, transfers Associated Press.
on the eve of the USA have made decision to stop work of all drilling units before finding-out of causes of accident on oil platform Deepwater Horizon in Gulf of Mexico, belonging company BP.
At present oil has spread in the sea on the area about 11,7 thousand in sq. km, the oil spillage edge has already reached coasts of states Louisiana and Mississipi. It is informed also that oil threatens life about 400 kinds of animals. State of emergency in the State of Florida is declared.
On struggle against spreading oil of the power intend to direct National guards. In particular, the management of the State of Louisiana in which state of emergency also is declared, plans to direct for liquidation of consequences of accident of 6 thousand guardsmen.
we will remind, from - for failures on Deepwater Horizon to the sea daily gets about 800 thousand in l (5 thousand barr.) oil. The chink from which oil follows in the sea, is located in Gulf of Mexico on depth of 1525 m, in 64 km to jugo - to the east from a river Mississipi mouth.