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On a hippodrome in Nalchik explosion has thundered: 30 victims

On a hippodrome in Nalchik there was an explosion. According to preliminary data, 30 persons have suffered nearby. Among them - the former head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Kabardino - Balkarii. It is informed also on one victim - 104 - the summer veteran of war.
as have informed in republic law enforcement bodies, explosion has thundered today nearby 12:40 Moscow time on time of races. Under the operative data, the explosive has been put on a hippodrome roof.
capacity of a bomb has made about 5 kg in a trotyl equivalent. The data by quantity of victims is specified. On a scene the investigation team works.
investigating bodies of Investigatory committee on Kabardino - Balkarsky Republic upon explosion in hippodrome territory bring criminal case to signs of the crimes provided ch. 3 items 30, ch. Item items and, e ch. 2 items 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (attempt at murder), p.1 the item 222 criminal codes of Russian Federation (weapon illegal circulation) p.1 item 223 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (weapon illicit manufacturing).
we Will remind that on April, 29th near an input in an apartment house entrance in Nalchik where the strong point of the Department of Internal Affairs of a city is located, has worked an explosive. As a result of wound explosion have received 2 militiamen and 2 passers-by. Action under item 317 (" has been brought; the Encroachment on life of the law enforcement officer ), item 222 and 223 (illegal storage and manufacturing of the weapon and explosives) and item 105 ( Murder ) the Criminal code of the Russian Federation.
and several days before on entrance to Kazbekovsky area of Republic Dagestan the suicide bomber has put in action an explosive located in car Lada Priora. As a result of act of terrorism 2 police officers and 1 local resident were lost. Also an order of 17 persons have got wounds.