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In capital Somalia the mosque is blown up: more than 30 victims

Large act of terrorism has occurred in capital Somalia Mogadisho. One after another two explosions have thundered in a mosque when there there were tens believers.
as reports Reuters, as a result of an attack of extremists 32 persons were lost at least, still nearby 70 are delivered in hospitals with traumas of various severity level.
experts consider that act of terrorism became an opposition part between two large groupings - Al Shabab and Hizbul Islam. The mosque in which two explosions have thundered, was often visited by the heads of Al Shabab acting there with sermons.
under some data at the moment of act of terrorism in a building there was head Al Shabab Fuad Mohammed Halaf who has survived, but has been wounded. On the last the international warrant on arrest in connection with its activity, by the way, is written out during civil war.
it is necessary to notice that attacks on a mosque - rather new tactics for the Somali insurgents. It is considered that as an example was Iraq where sunnitskie and Shiit extremists quite often make attacks on sanctuaries is taken.