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In Greece have passed mass collisions of demonstrators with police

In Greece have passed the many thousands protest actions dated by a holiday of Spring and work, marked on May, 1st. Demonstrations have organised local trade unions.
in country capital, Athenes of an order of 17 thousand persons among which there was a set of anarchists, have trashed store windows of shops and have established barricades against policemen. In guards the protesting threw stones and bottles with an incendiary mix.
Besides, holding a meeting have burnt a motor van of one of local broadcasting companies. In the answer policemen have applied tear gas. According to guards of the law and order, they have detained 10 persons for participation in excitements.
in the north of Greece in the city of Tessaloniki on streets there were 5 thousand persons. Collisions with police have been here too noted.
Greeks protest against sharp reduction of a patch and of some other unpopular measures, on which government is compelled to go, as it is one of the basic conditions of the financial help to the authorities of the country from the International currency fund and the eurozone countries.
on May, 2nd in Greece will pass a government extraordinary session after which it will be declared new reductions of social payments and salaries. After that the Minister of Finance of this state Georgios Papandreu will go to Bruxelles where there will pass conference of Ministers of Finance of the countries erovzony concerning the financial help of Greece.
It is expected that to Athenes it will be allocated to 120 mlrd euro.