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Ammonia flood at Mikojanovsky factory in Moscow: is a victim

On Mikojanovsky mjasopererabatyvajushchem factory this night there was an ammonia flood. As have informed in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of capital, the pipeline with ammonia has been damaged at 2:15 Moscow time.
Ammonia has spread on the area about 100 sq. m. the worker who has poisoned with poisonous evaporations Was lost. One more person is hospitalised in institute of Sklifosovsky.
According to GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the event reason became unsuccessful maneuver of the Polish truck which has delivered cargo on a meat-packing plant. When the waggon was developed, it was not entered in a turn in territory of factory and with a roof has touched a rack on which the pipeline in diameter of 100 millimetres fastened. As a result there was a pipe rupture from which has outside escaped to 100 kgs of ammonia. On imprisonment before trail, ammonia giving has been stopped by the worked system of automatic protection.
On a scene 5 fire-fighting crews and 1 poiskovo - saving group worked. By the present moment all consequences of failure are liquidated. The spread ammonia is filled in by water, collected in special tanks and threats for life of associates does not represent.
according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, in the car which unsuccessful maneuver became a cause of accident, there was a Polish driver and the forwarding agent. They managed to disappear from a scene. Their searches are now conducted.