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The Air Forces of the USA in Bagdad have missed and have blown up hospital

As a result of the aviablow put by Americans on area occupied by Shiits of Bagdad Sadr - city, the building of local hospital has suffered.
as informs CNN referring to the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Iraq, wounds have received at least 28 persons. The majority of them - patients of clinic, among which women and children.
aviablow has been put approximately at ten o`clock mornings local time. The American command has confirmed the fact of bombardment of a city, but in the statement is said that the bombardment purpose were certain criminal elements and their control centre located near of hospital . The representative of the American military men has informed that the estimation of the put damage now is spent.
according to eyewitnesses, rockets have got to the small house near to hospital in which Shiit pilgrims stopped on rest. The area to which blow has been struck, is a stronghold of the insurgents operating under the direction of radical Shiit leader Muktady al - Sadra.
Besides injured with this incident, for the past days in Iraq, according to the country Ministry of Internal Affairs, 6 persons have been killed and 25 are wounded as a result of actions of the American military men. The army command of the USA has informed about liquidations of six insurgents .
we Will add that past month losses of the American armies in Iraq have made 50 persons - the greatest number of victims since September 2007., when for a month 65 military men were lost. In total from the beginning of military intrusion into Iraq in 2003. The army of the USA has lost killed more than 4 thousand persons.