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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: Onboard the grasped vessel there are 24 seamen

the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has confirmed that onboard the British vessel Ariana grasped on May, 2nd 2009. 24 Ukrainian seamen are the Somali pirates, transfers - Ukraine.
according to the representative of embassy of Ukraine in Greece, the Ukrainian authorities have contacted the ship-owner and the company - the operator which has confirmed that the structure of crew of a vessel includes 24 seamen, all of them are citizens of Ukraine. Diplomats try to find out circumstances of capture of a vessel, and also possible measures on its rescue.
we will remind, the information on vessel capture has appeared in the afternoon on May, 2nd 2009. At first it was informed that pirates have grasped the Ukrainian vessel with the industrial equipment, including with cars with United Nations symbolics. Then there was an information that the ship Greek and went under the flag of Malta from Brazil to the Near East. Also the inconsistent information arrived and about quantity of the grasped seamen. Earlier it was informed on 28 citizens of Ukraine.
last time the Ukrainian vessel has been grasped by pirates on September, 25th last year at coast Somalias. Onboard a vessel Faina there was a military technology and ammunition. Pirates have released Fainu for the repayment on February, 4th this year.
with 1991. In Somalia there is no centralised power, and the country is actually divided into some areas with which criminal clans correct. On this background last years in the country the piracy as unique highly remunerative business, and in 2007 - 2008 began to blossom. Attacks of pirates on the vessels which are passing at coast Somalias, have outgrown in a serious international problem.
the pirates supported by the Somali gangster formations, regularly grasp foreign vessels and demand for their clearing the repayment. From the beginning 2008. It has been noted over 120 attacks, more than 35 courts have been grasped by pirates, with the requirement of payment of the repayment for clearing were kept more than 600 seamen.
now in waters of Somalia for struggle against pirates there are ships of the USA, the European countries and China, and in hands of pirates are about 230 hostages.