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In Moldova the anonymous author has threatened to blow up a building of the Ministry of Labour

In Moldova from - for an anonymous call about the put bomb in a building of the Ministry of Labour, social protection and a family all personnel today has been evacuated. On it have informed in the republic Ministry of Internal Affairs.
as has informed journalists the minister of work, social protection and a family of Moldova of Valentine Buliga, in a reception of the head of department the anonymous call from the man who has declared has arrived that if it will not receive 500 thousand dollars, in an hour the ministry will blow up. Thus the anonymous author has specified a place where money should be delivered. The operative group has gone to the specified address.
later it was found out that explosion threat was false. Sappers, having surveyed knowledge, have not found out a bomb or any other explosives.
according to the chief of department on public relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova of Cyril Motspana, all necessary measures on revealing informed on a bomb are taken. It is already known, the call whence has arrived.
calling anonymous author is threatened with the large fine or till 10 years of imprisonment.