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The quantity of seats of forest fire in Siberia has decreased to 36

Quantity of seats of forest fire in Siberia as of May, 3rd has decreased with 55 to 36, have informed in a press - service of the Siberian regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. The ignition total area at present makes 495,5 hectares. Rescuers have localised 10 centres on the area of 201,5 hectares.
an ignition principal cause, as before, is activity of the person. 423 persons and 79 units of technics are involved in liquidation of forest fires, all for the last days for struggle against fire 1279 persons and 279 units of a special equipment were involved. Rescuers spend patrol of fire-dangerous sites of wood.
it is necessary to notice that earlier the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has expressed extreme concern in a situation with forest fires in the country. At the meeting which has taken place on April, 27th the head of the state has paid attention of officials that fire-fighting is in conducting federal, instead of the regional authorities that the government has allocated means for struggle against act of nature, but necessary procedures on pozharotusheniju have been undertaken more recently.
the Russian leader has threatened with a private responsibility of officials on this question. if will not consult, all will go peatbogs to extinguish - both the government of Moscow Region, and the government of the Russian Federation - the president has promised. consider that this major commission before this summer. Last prevention - he has added.