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NAK: D.Umarov has prepared the insurgent for fulfilment of act of terrorism

National antiterrorist committee declared search of certain Ibragima Torshhoeva. According to special services, it has been chosen by the leader of insurgents to Dock Umarovym for fulfilment of act of terrorism.
Affirms that the native of Armavir 1991 year of birth at the moment can disappear in is mountain - woody district in territory of the Chechen Republic. However in its future can use for fulfilment of act of terrorism.
in NAK have not specified, where exactly leaders of a bandit underground can send I.Torshhoeva. It is offered to inform on a possible site of the terrorist in FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
we will remind, about one month it was informed back that D.Umarov could be destroyed as a result of special action in territory of Ingushetia. However after special service have denied the information that the leader of insurgents was in the liquidated camp.
for last month special services have destroyed some leaders of a bandit underground in the North Caucasus. Among them one of the main ideologists of a vahhabism Suljan Abdullaev, the emissary Al - Kaidy Muhammad, responsible for murder of the Russian tourists of Asker Dzhappuev, one of authors of act of terrorism on Baksansky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION Ratmir Shameev.