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Capacity of explosion in Pjatnitsky street has made 50 g in trotyl

Experts - vzryvotehniki have estimated capacity of the explosive which has worked on the night of May, 3rd at building OVD Zamoskvorechye in Pjatnitsky street, in 50 g in a trotyl equivalent. As a result of explosion the ensign of the police which have found out an explosive, has sustained injuries, have informed in a press - service SK of the Russian Federation.
explosion has thundered approximately at 00:40 Moscow time near the house 47, p. 4 in Pjatnitsky street at postovogo premises of office parking place of a separate battalion of militia of the Department of Internal Affairs on TSAO cities of Moscow. Upon explosion criminal case on p.1 item 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (illegal circulation of explosives) and ch is brought. 2 items 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (application of violence concerning the representative of the power).
At the moment the police officer who has sustained injuries, is in hospital. Doctors have fixed at it burns of the bottom extremities. Under the preliminary information, the improvised explosive device has been enclosed through a hole in a fence.
it is necessary to notice that shortly before explosion in police the unknown person has called and has informed on the put bomb that has allowed to avoid victims. Criminal case investigation proceeds.