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In Britain act of terrorism in the nuclear centre

Police of Great Britain is prevented has informed today on detention of 5 terrorists planning explosion in the nuclear centre. About it reports Reuters.
In Skotlend - Yard have declared that arrested persons near to a nuclear complex Sellafild in a county Cumbria, on severo - the country West, planned an act of terrorism. Other details yet it is not informed.
after destruction of the leader of the international terrorist organisation Al - Kajeda Osama bin Ladens in the USA and the European countries level of threat from - for dangers to sweep terrorists for the leader is raised. Thus the police of Great Britain does not see communication between bin Laden`s destruction and attempt of act of terrorism in Sellafilde.
the Nuclear complex is opened in 1956. It was used by Britain for manufacture of plutonium for the defensive industry, and already in the second turn as the atomic power station.
in October 1957. On the reactor on plutonium manufacture there was a fire which has led to large radioactive emission. Failure in Sellafilde long time was considered as one of the most serious in the history of world nuclear power.
with 1995. A complex Kelder the Hall carried out exclusively peace functions from - for stops of manufacture of weapon plutonium in Great Britain. Last reactor has been muffled in 2003. Last years in complex territory there was a pulling down of structures.