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Eyewitnesses: “ the Flasher “ zamglavy the Ministry of Internal Affairs has rammed “ the Zhiguli “ on vstrechke

the Car of BMW with the state number And 100 MR and spetssignalom in the morning on May, 3rd has rammed “ the Zhiguli “ the fourth model, moving on a counter strip. Incident has occurred in the centre of Moscow, the suffered participant of road accident has informed RSN. As he said, the car driver with a flasher has disappeared from a scene.
“ the car with number And 100 MR tried to turn to Znamenka with Arbata. A mirror and a door has taken down “ - the owner " has told; the four “. By data “ Societies of dark blue buckets “ the car with specified state number is registered for the deputy minister of internal affairs of the Russian Federation Victor Kiryanov. Official acknowledgement of this information did not arrive yet.
we will notice that the general - the colonel of police V.Kiryanov is zamglavy the Ministry of Internal Affairs on safety on transport. With 2004 on 2011γγ. It supervised over traffic police, holding a post of the main state inspector of safety of traffic of the Russian Federation.
we will notice that the day before active workers “ Societies of dark blue buckets “ the prime minister has decided to remind - to the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about its promise considerably to reduce quantity of flashers “ even before inauguration “. In a community blog the counter of the days which have remained before the expiry of the term of performance of the promise by the head of the government is started.
as inauguration of the elected president of V.Putin is appointed to May, 7th, to “ cardinal reduction “ numbers of flashers remains only 4 days. In solidarity with the decision of the prime minister “ Dark blue buckets “ have spent picket at the White house. In hands they held the poster with a reminder on reduction of number of cars with spetssignalami and with words “ Putin! We trust you! “. Nevertheless policemen have accused active workers of carrying out “ Unapproved mass action from two persons “.
we Will remind, the previous loud scandal with participation of the car equipped spetssignalom, has occurred in Moscow on April, 13th. The driver of BMW with a flasher and state number And 694 MR 97, presumably, fixed to Federal Agency of control over drug trafficking, was enraged by the active worker “ Dark blue buckets “. It has not passed “ a flasher “ on MKAD then the car driver with state number cut it, has run out from the car and began to shout that that does not know traffic regulations.