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O.Nechiporenko: In last word of Bulls can accuse again all opposing it

Of Petty-bourgeois intermunicipal court of Moscow today hearings on criminal case of former head KrAza Anatoly Bykova accused of preparation of murder of Krasnoyarsk businessman Vilora Struganova will proceed. Predictably, at session on June, 3rd debate of the parties will enter finishing stage. One of A.Bykova`s lawyers - Henry Padva - has not excluded that at forthcoming session with last word the accused will act.
as the general director of National anticriminal and antiterrorist fund Oleg Nechiporenko has declared, the verdict of guilty on Anatoly Bykova`s business should be expected in the nearest three - four days. as a matter of fact, protection of Bykova has settled for a long time already all arguments with which help she wanted to deduce it from sphere of action of justice. Last year it did not manage to use neither the thesis about the deputy status, nor the slogan about a jurisdiction place, especially, doubtful operations with a recognition the main witness - Alexander Vasilenko .
Oleg Nechiporenko has underlined that, apparently, neither lawyers, nor the defendant will not declare anything such that could turn process in their party. the court has not heard sensational exposures about which spoke last year g - n Padva and Anatoly Bykov. I think that no exposures will exist. If the accused had what to tell, we already would hear it. But process has actually reached a sentence stage, and neither Henry Padva, nor Anatoly Bykov and could not to surprise court the sensations
the Only thing that, according to Nechiporenko, can make today Bulls - so it to act with slanderous statements to all who did not submit to its dictatorship . Having despaired, the set however sharp, so can make Bulls and unsubstantiated statements, - head NAAF has told. - For example, in the end of last week in interview Krasnoyarsk Autoradio he has declared that the presidential power at us in the country weak that the president has arrived to edge, has asked, where money, and has left to drive on skis. Therefore today we can hear from Anatoly Bykova and not such .