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Scientists will define a true place of a burial place of Columbus on DNA

the Spanish experts eksgumirovali human remains which as it is considered, belong to the well-known traveller Christopher Columbus. By means of the analysis on DNA scientists intend to resolve long-term dispute - remains of the pioneer - in Seville or Santo - Domingo where exactly are based.
in a prospective place of a burial place of the researcher in Seville scientists have lifted remains of two persons on a surface. The second as it has been established, son H.Columbus - Ernando is. Remains as it is considered, brother H.Columbus - Diego, were eksgumirovany in suburb of Seville.
all found remains have been delivered under protection for research in university in Granada in the south of Spain. There experts will spend a number of tests, including the analysis on DNA to find out, whether these people each other relatives had. With the request eksgumirovat human remains which, on one of versions, also can belong to H.Columbus, the Spanish scientists have addressed to the authorities of Dominican republic, however those at first intend to wait results of analyses in Granada.