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Members of Council of Federation of the Russian Federation: the Criminal should be punished, whoever it was

the Committee-man on legal and judicial questions of Issa Kostoev considers that if the law is broken, the General public prosecutor should address in the State Duma with the request to remove inviolability of the deputy and the State Duma should support this offer. Certainly, under a condition dokazatelnosti.
If have beaten the person and furthermore the militiaman on duty, guilty should bear punishment whoever it was. The separate legislation for deputies does not exist, and the above a post of the person, the more religiously there should be an approach to it, the senator has noted.
today the law does an exception for members of parliament, providing their inviolability. According to I.Kostoeva, business reaches at times to the point of irrationality: bodies should ask for each action the parliament consent. Such security of deputies is not present anywhere in the world. However, in some countries deputies have immunity if infringements are connected with deputy powers.
a member of the same committee Tatyana Konovalova considers that inviolability should remain with deputies, as now very difficult period and to work to legislators it is difficult . However, if the person is guilty, irrespective of the wine status should be punishable. it is necessary to understand properly in happened, the one who was guilty in fight. If law enforcement bodies reasonably explain guilt of the deputy the State Duma should authorise for criminal case conducting .
the Councillor of Federation from the Samara provincial Duma Leon Kowalski is assured that the State Duma should make the correct decision if there will be a reference of the General public prosecutor and enough bases for charge . Other variant cannot be, L.Kowalski considers. To deputies the same laws should be applied, as to other citizens - only then it is possible to speak about democracy in our country, the senator has specified. If will be on - to another, we will build democracy as long as in due time communism, L.Kowalski has concluded.