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The gang abducting women near of supermarkets of Moscow

Employees of ORB GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on TSFO is neutralised have neutralised a gang which was engaged in abduction and murder of hostages. All members of a gang - the unemployed, natives of the Tula area: Maxim Solomatin, 1978; Sergey Tsyganov, 1977, Dmitry Abramov, 1973
As informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on TSFO, during the investigation was possible to find out that on May, 15th, 2003 Solomatin, Tsyganov and Abrams have approached on a trading complex Mega also have chosen from total number of buyers well dressed woman who has arrived on expensive car. In the course of long supervision their choice has fallen on Elena Egorov, 1979 In advance having cast (Solomatinu was assigned a part the killer, Tsyganov should entice victims, Abrams carried out a role of the security guard), malefactors have approached to the girl under the pretext of check of documents and it having presented by police officers have suggested it to pass with them in department for finding-out of circumstances. Under the same scheme Elena Pogodin has been stolen, 1972
Then criminals have demanded from relatives of victims to pay the repayment at a rate of 30 thousand dollars. Relatives of one of hostages have agreed to pay the repayment and have arrived to in advance specified place with the necessary sum. Criminals have taken away money, however the hostage has not been released. Then relatives have addressed in militia.
in a course operatively - search actions it was found out that both stolen have been killed. Thus, according to thieves, places for punishment got out in advance. Calculation was that that the corpse long will not be found in the thrown place.
All arrested person brings accusations under item 126, ch. 3, 163 ch. 3, 105 criminal codes of Russian Federation. During a search in M.Solomatina`s residence have been found out and withdrawn: grenade RGD - 5, a trotyl draught of factory manufacture and ogneprovodnoj a cord. At employees of ORB GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs on TSFO is the bases to believe that on conscience of arrested persons not only these episodes of criminal activity. Thereupon the request to all citizens having any information on arrested persons to give the information on bodies: 236 - 54 - 63, 237 - 55 - 66.