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The military public prosecutor of the Russian Federation: Poor-quality recruits have weakened VS Russia

the Essence of military reform should be reduced not only to eradication dedovshchiny . Such opinion on a press - to conference in Moscow was stated today by the main military public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Alexander Savenkov.
In its opinion, for liquidation dedovshchiny as the phenomena are necessary for strengthening two components: to improve quality of an invocatory contingent and to strengthen preventive maintenance dedovshchiny at all levels. if we get rid at an appeal from illiterate, semiliterate, with deficiency of weight and offenders, we again obretem strong and efficient Armed forces which were 15 years ago - he has underlined.
Besides, he has informed that in 76 - j air - a landing division in which experiment on transition to service under the contract is made, in 2003 has not been established any fact of not authorised mutual relations. Thus he has underlined what completely to avoid offences it was not possible. Some criminal cases concerning military men of this division have been raised.
during carrying out of spring conscription the Main military Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has raised 65 criminal cases upon legislation and abusing infringement by office position, Alexander Savenkov has informed. As he said, on operating in Office of Public Prosecutor a hot line has arrived more than 1 thousand calls with complaints to the different offences connected with an appeal. Thus, following the results of an autumn appeal, as a result of action a hot line 25 criminal cases have been raised.
according to the military public prosecutor, for today the crimes connected with not authorised mutual relations in Armed forces, make 15 % from total of crimes in VS the Russian Federation. In 2002 for the given acts it has been condemned 2 thousand military men, from them 300 - officers. Alexander Savenkov has noticed that its personal order which is finished to all military Offices of Public Prosecutor of subjects of the Russian Federation, has been established that the persons convicted of bribery, will be already detained at the consequence initial stage.