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Iraq: Insurgents have fired at a warehouse of Americans from Katyushas

Powerful explosion has thundered on the American military base at the airport Iraq Kirkuk. As transfers AR referring to the data of the commander of forces of civil defence of Iraq of Anvar Mohammed Amina, explosion has occurred in a warehouse of ammunition of this base.
according to preliminary data, nearby 22:00 local time on a building of a warehouse of the ammunition, located in base territory, the shell of system of jet fire " has been let out; the Katyusha . As hit of the rocket which have been started up by insurgents was found out later, has caused in a warehouse the strongest fire from which other ammunition began to detonate. To a scene fire-engines have left.
as reported by eye-witnesses over the base located in territory of the main airport of Kirkuk, shells and the rockets, all district including the airport, are tightened by heavy clubs of a smoke flied up. The American command asserts that while, under their data, losses are not present. Circumstances of an event are found out.
we will remind, earlier insurgents already used shells of this kind in Iraq. On May, 25th on a building of Northern oil company two rockets of type " have been let out; the Katyusha . Then as a result of bombardment which Kirkuk has occurred in suburb, nobody has suffered. Rockets have not hit the mark, having blown up nearby to the oil refining factory which is in this area.