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L.Kuchma has dismissed the chief of the Joint Staff and the commander-in-chief of Land forces

the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma today has dismissed the chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces Alexander Zatynajko and the commander-in-chief of Land forces Peter Shuljaka, and also declared reprimand to Minister of Defence Evgenie Marchuku. On it informs TV channel Russia .
Temporarily to fulfil duties of the chief of the Joint Staff it is entrusted to Peter Pjatibratu, and temporarily to fulfil duties of the commander-in-chief of Land forces - to Valery Frolov.
we will remind, on May, 26th the National Security council and defences of Ukraine recommended to the Ukrainian president to dismiss P.Shuljaka and A.Zatynajko which, according to SNBO, have not accepted necessary measures for the prevention of tragical events in warehouses of ammunition in the Zaporozhye area.
SNBO recognised as unsatisfactory a condition of performance as the government of the previous decisions of Council and commissions of the president rather vzryvo - and pozharobezopasnosti storage places boezapasa, and also ascertained rough infringements of safety precautions on these objects.
as it was informed, on May, 6th on 275 - j to base of storage of ammunition where was about 90 thousand t ammunition, the fire has begun. The shells which were in warehouses scattered in radius 10 - 40 km. Many nearby apartment houses and other buildings have received considerable damages.
losses from a fire are estimated approximately in 500 million dollars Including 472 million dollars have made losses from destruction of ammunition. The damage for settlements is estimated in 283 thousand dollars
As a result of state of emergency five persons, including one from wounds, three - from a heart attack against the stress, one - from cranial - the brain trauma received at evacuation were lost.