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The next act of terrorism against militia in Makhachkala

In Makhachkala is made act of terrorism. The bezobolochnoe explosive has worked in 3:20 nights on the prospectus Akushinsky, 94, during the moment when the motor vehicle of the first regiment patrol - militia sentry duty by passed. Victims are not present, one militiaman has got wound. Criminal case is brought, transfers NTV.
according to representative ROVD, police officers have rescued broneshchity, established on the car. On a scene work operatively - investigatory brigades, the investigation is carried on. Criminal case is brought.
we will remind that it is literally 4 days ago, late at night on May, 31st of this year on crossing of street Dahadaeva and Bogatyryov`s street have been blown up a bomb while the bus with employees patrol - militia sentry duty by followed.
capacity of an improvised explosive device has made about 5 kg in a trotyl equivalent. The explosive has been filled by pieces of armature and put in action by means of a radio-controlled detonator. Various wounds have received 9 police officers.
thus, it is possible to ascertain that hunting for militiamen begun in Dagestan several months ago, proceeds. Tens the explosions representatives of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs or authorities were which victims, as a rule, have in this time thundered.