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Three schoolboys are found in the Buryat joint-stock company

to Troy teenagers hung up found out hung up in settlement Hohorsk of Bohansky area Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region, has informed a source in regional Office of Public Prosecutor.
as a result of the initial survey, any traces of violent death on bodies of boys it was revealed not. However for more detailed survey of a body of schoolboys are sent in district Bohan for examination carrying out.
the lost schoolboys 15 - 17 years have been found out by employees of one of the local agricultural enterprises. Teenagers have left a note which has been addressed relatives. In it they were sorry at native for the happened. The investigation is carried on.
it is necessary to notice that the investigation of the case of the Krasnoyarsk schoolboys who have gone on April, 16th till now is not finished. We will remind that five pupils of elementary grades have left on April, 16th from the house and have completely disappeared. 9 - summer Safar Aliev and Galash Mamedgasanov, 10 - summer Dmitry Makarov and Maxim Taumanov and 12 - summer Alexander Lavrenov have been declared in local and federal search, their searches within three weeks were conducted by forces of militia, rescuers and volunteers. In search operations have been involved about thousand persons.
on May, 8th the scorched remains of children have been found out near to their house, in the thrown collector on a dump. However while persons of victims are not established. The situation will definitively clear up after the genetic examination which results become known on June, 10th.
while the Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges on item 105 (murder) though the accident version was initially considered. Investigation is headed by the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Siberian federal district on especially important issues Andrey Chernus, supervises a course of investigation the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolesnikov.