Rus News Journal

Wreck of the foreign plane near Sakhalin

On Sunday at 13:30 on the Sakhalin time the four-seater two-engined private plane has disappeared from screens of a radar in 150 kilometres to the east of island Sakhalin borders.
the private two-engined plane Piratatsu RS - 12 made flight on a route of Hakodate (an island of Hokkaido) - Magadan (Russia) - Alaska (USA). Onboard there were three passengers from Japan among which there was a woman, and the American pilot Mike Smith. After a while after disappearance of the plane from a radar signal SOS has been received.
In area, the distress signal whence has arrived, the boundary plane has immediately taken off, for flight of a prospective place of accident, and, besides, have been notified 6 courts which are nearby from a place of accident. In turn, to a place of prospective wreck of the plane the Japanese coast guard has sent the plane and 3 patrol vessels for the aid to the Russian rescuers.
Today at 5:35 local time four victims have been found out on saving to a raft. The steam-ship Artist Roerich already took Japanese and the American aboard and goes to port Korsakov.