Rus News Journal

In Moscow all the week long there will be +30 degrees

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, this afternoon in Moscow variable overcast, an intermittent rain, places downpours with a thunder-storm is expected. In the afternoon temperature in Moscow +28... +30 (on area +26... +31 degrees). A wind jugo - east, 3 - 7 m/ with.
Tomorrow in capital it will be solar and hot in the afternoon: +30 +32 degrees. A wind severo - western, 1 - 3 m/ with. The rain in the evening is possible. On Wednesday of heat will a little fall down: +27 +29 degrees. In the afternoon without any precipitations. A wind northern, 1 m/ with.
Under preliminary forecasts of weather forecasters, the weekend also will be roast in capital - c the day temperature will make +30 degrees. Deposits it is not expected.
in St.-Petersburg today it is cloudy, rains. Temperature of +18 +20 degrees. A wind jugo - western, 2 - 4 m/ with. Tomorrow the sky over northern capital will clear up: in the afternoon of +24+26 degrees, weak overcast. A wind western, 2 - 5 m/ with. Without any precipitations. On Wednesday cloudless weather in Petersburg will remain: in the afternoon temperature +26 +28 degrees. Deposits it is not expected.
the Remained days of this week, under forecasts of weather forecasters, in Petersburg will be hot and solar. Without any precipitations.