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At the poster of the Antisemitic maintenance the person

In the Tomsk region again was undermined at attempt of dismantle of the poster of the Antisemitic maintenance from explosion one person has suffered.
as have informed in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Tomsk region, at 12:25 local time in a management call centre the message on explosion on 14 - m road Tomsk kilometre - Mezheninovka has arrived.
the field investigators who have Left on a scene have established that on this road the chief of a site Tomsk DRSU which has found out on a roadside a board with an inscription of the Antisemitic maintenance passed. Together with the driver the chief of department has tried to dismantle a board, and during this moment explosion has thundered. The driver has got fragmental wound of a foot and a head, the chief of site DRSU has not suffered.
according to preliminary data, the low power explosive has been supplied by amazing elements - nails. Now the question on criminal case excitation is solved.
It any more the first similar case which has occurred on the Russian roads for last two months. On May, 27th on the Kiev highway Muscovite Tatyana Sapunova has tried to break the poster of the Antisemitic maintenance. As a result of explosion the woman has got numerous wounds. The authorities of Israel have suggested it to receive medical treatment in one of the Israeli clinics, the offer was accepted. For courage and the selflessness shown at execution of a civic duty, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has awarded the order to Tatyana Sapunovu of Courage.
after this, in June, messages on incidents with Antisemitic posters have arrived at once from a number of regions. Practically in all cases the Moscow case was copied: on a road roadside the poster with an Antisemitic inscription was stuck in the earth, nearby there was an explosive model.