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The medicine for AIDS can already appear in 5 years

the Medicine for AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrom) can already appear in 5 years, instead of through 10 as believed earlier.
the American company VaxGen has informed On it on Monday during the International conference on problems of AIDS which passes these days in Barcelona. If vaccine tests in public which are spent now, pass successfully, preparations VaxGen will be authorised for applying in clinics.
results of the first tests of a vaccine will be already presented today at conference, however details of clinical tests of a preparation become accessible to scientific community only in the beginning of next year.
we will remind that for 21 year during which the mankind struggles with AIDS, tests have in public passed only 8 vaccines. Seven of them are while at early stages of working out, and, according to a number of experts, only the means created by company VaxGen, can already become a batch production subject in the foreseeable future. There will be it, however, only on condition that vaccine application will be effective in 30 % of cases of its application.
meanwhile, according to forecasts of agency UNAIDS which are responsible for the programs of the United Nations on struggle against AIDS, within the next 20 years from XX-th century plagues 70 million persons can die. According to the agency report, now in the world 40 million sick of AIDS and the people infected with a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is. Thus disease grows faster, than it was supposed, and extends on all new regions. So, for last year 3 million persons whereas all from the moment of virus revealing in 1981 AIDS became a cause of death of 20 million persons have died of this illness.
AIDS has received the Greatest distribution in the countries of Africa, however serious fears of experts of the United Nations are caused also by China, Russia and the Eastern Europe where rates of increase of disease are very high. In connection with last data special session of General assembly of the United Nations on AIDS has made decision to increase annual expenses for struggle against illness to 10 mlrd dollars. It is necessary to notice that now this sum hardly reaches 3 mlrd dollars.