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The Russian pilots have won almost all gold in the World championship on aerobatics in the USA

the Russian national team is recognised by the absolute winner of the World championship on the aerobatics, passing in Lakeland (the USA, the State of Florida).
As the general designer on sports planes OKB of a name Dry Boris Rakitin has informed, in command competitions from 24 medals the Russian national team has won 19: 7 of 8 gold, 6 of 8 silver and 6 of 8 bronze. Russian national team (Sergey Rahmanin, Alexey Krotov, Michael Mamestov) have received 29 thousand 600 points. The second place French national team (29 thousand 087 points) has won, the third - a national team of the USA.
in individual competitions among men the absolute champion recognises Sergey Rahmanin. The second place Alexey Krotov has occupied, the third - the American R.Armstrong. Among women the first places were occupied with the Russian women - pilots. Svetlana Kapanina acting on the modernised Sou - 26, the second place - at Elena Klimovich, the third - at Svetlana Fedorenko became the quadruple world champion.
52 planes of various designs participated In the championship, and 25 of them - planes OKB Dry (the Sou - 29, the Sou - 31 and the Sou - 26), constructed in Russia and sent on export. The Russian pilots acted at competitions on is sports - flight planes of the Sou - 31, the Sou - 29, the Sou - 26 and the modernised Sou - 26.
we Will remind, on July, 4th Open Society OKB Dry has signed the agreement on creation of the perspective engine of new generation. The document provides use of experience and perspective scientifically - technical decisions, available participants of the agreement, and creation possibility on a basis gazogeneratora a developed product of family of competitive military and civil engines of different function.