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New operation of Israelis in camp of refugees in Gaza Strip

the Israeli military technology has entered on territory of the Palestinian camp of refugees the Khan - Junis, in the south of Gaza Strip. In camp 7 tanks and 3 bulldozers have driven with helicopter Apache support. According to witnesses, two Palestinians are wounded.
the Israeli military command has declared that the operation purpose is destruction of the thrown buildings used by the Palestinian insurgents for bombardment of army positions, transfers AR.
Meanwhile, the American military command has the day before denied messages that the Israeli military men ostensibly participated in interrogations of the Iraq prisoners. I can tell definitely that Israel is not connected in any way with interrogations spent in Iraq - the lieutenant colonel of army of the USA has declared Barry Johnson.
the Given statement has followed as the answer to statements of brigade general Dzhenis Karpinski which supervised until recently over system of the American prisons in Iraq. In interview of Bi - bi - si, she has declared that several months ago to one of the Baghdad prisons there came the Israeli employee for carrying out of interrogations.
the administration of the USA denies participation of Israel in the Iraq campaign. According to observers if the given fact proves to be true, it will cause the extremely negative reaction from the Arabian world, according to Reuters.