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In South Ossetia have disarmed the Georgian military men

To 200 armed representatives of the South Ossetia militarised formations yesternight have entered into the Georgian village Vanati located approximately in 20 km from Tskhinvali, and have disarmed there 40 military men of the Georgian peace-making battalion.
the Georgian peacemakers have handed over the weapon without resistance. The disarmed military men are taken out by the South Ossetia armed formations to Tskhinvali.
According to arriving of a zone of the conflict to messages, right after disarmament of peacemakers in Vanati, the Georgian population of South Ossetia has started to leave the houses and to leave in Shida - Kartlsky region of Georgia. As transfer the Georgian broadcasting companies, on located in Vanati the block - a post of Tkviavi shots are audible. Under the informal information from power structures, the division of forces of fast reaction of the Minister of Defence of Georgia goes to a conflict zone.
As the state minister of Georgia concerning settlement of conflicts George Haindrava has declared today to journalists, capture by Osset armed formations of the Georgian military men - the provocative action, on which Tbilisi can give the adequate answer, but does not want to bring matters to military operations . Under its data, insurgents have disarmed 50 military men.
G.Haindrava has underlined that in a conflict zone there are 500 Georgian peacemakers who are capable to protect the Georgian population. we have forces to answer not to one, and ten Kokojty - has declared G.Haindrava. He also has informed that in connection with capture of military men in the Georgian villages there was a panic, inhabitants of villages ask to distribute them the weapon. The minister has declared that the weapon will not stand out. It has denied the information that now the Osset party puts physical pressure upon inhabitants of the Georgian villages.
Haindrava is the co-chairman of the Mixed supervisory commission on settlement Georgian - the Osset conflict. Today he will hold a meeting with the commander of the Russian peacemakers Svjatoslavom Navzorovym, and also a management of Georgia. G.Haindrava has expressed hope that in the course of negotiations ways of settlement of the conflict will be found.
it is necessary to remind that on the night of July, 7th the Georgian military men have detained in Tshinvalsky region two trucks with the Russian arms, intended for the Russian peacemakers deployed in a zone Georgian - the Osset conflict. Two cars as a result have been delivered in Burn. In them there was to 300 uncontrollable jet rockets, radio transmitters, tents, combustible and other military property.
the commander of the Russian peacemakers in South Ossetia Svjatoslav Navzorov named night incident gangsterism . The Russian commander especially has underlined that cargo with the Russian military technology, intended for the Russian peace-making contingent, moved towards South Ossetia legally.
in turn, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that actions Georgian the authorities are obviously directed on expansion filched violence also are fraught with armed conflicts in South Ossetia. The unprecedented trick of the Georgian agents of national security in South Ossetia only confirms that the Georgian management, contrary to peaceful public declarations, has headed for a power variant of development of a situation. The authorities of Georgia the actions discredit the mixed forces on maintenance of peace and undermine the existing mechanism of political regulation, has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.